Lent Plastic Challenge – Review

Happy Easter! Well done, and thank you, to those of you who took part in our Lent Plastic Challenge.  Even those who have been concerned about the use of single-use plastic for years have hopefully found it a useful exercise. What single-use plastic did you refuse, reduce, reuse and/or recycle over the challenge to help cherish God’s earth? How did the challenge help you to focus on your relationship with God and his creation over Lent?

We really hope we have gone some way to reduce our single-use plastic footprint in Wallingford through taking on this challenge together and as a community.  The difference could be much bigger and beneficial to God’s creation, if we make it a truly life changing commitment – one that goes beyond Lent. What lasting changes are you going to make? We really want to know so please tell us by posting on our display board in St Mary’s or replying to our posts and tweets on Facebook and Twitter .

If you’d like to share your thoughts about the challenge or need further information please speak to Emma Cross – emmarcross@hotmail.com or 01491 837815