How might you take part in Creationtide from 1st September to 4th October?


During Creationtide Christians around the world are encouraged to pray for, and care for, God’s good creation. It is the period in the annual church calendar dedicated to God as Creator and Sustainer of all life. As part of our initiative to become an eco- church, we have tried to understand more fully what it means to say that God is creator of the world and the responsibilities this places on us.

These are important themes in Christian faith and it is important for us to discover what these say to the present crisis in caring for our environment. So this year Creationtide will be particularly important to us. This season of Creationtide has been embraced by the leaders of the Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox churches, as well as by several major ecumenical groups including the World Council of Churches.

How might you take part? The Church of England has developed a series of daily reflections for the season available at:

Please may I encourage you to use them – it would be good if those of us who have reflected on them might meet at the end of the season to discuss what we have learned.  We shall also be marking the season on Sunday 29thSeptember when our services will have a Creation theme.  At the 10 am service that day Maranda St. John Nicolle (Director Christian Concern for One World)  will be our preacher.