A big thumbs up from our Lent Plastic Challenge Mascot, Paco the Cuckoo, to all those that took part! We really hope it raised your awareness of how much you rely on single-use plastics, as well as helping you explore the Lentern wilderness in a new and different way.

Here are some of the changes and commitments made by those involved:

  • Stopped using foil to wrap sandwiches, now using beeswax wrap
  • Taking own containers for shopping at butchers and fishmongers
  • Bulk sourcing shampoo, conditioner, washing liquid and fabric conditioner
  • Using paper snack and sandwich bags instead of plastic bags or clingfilm
  • Reducing reliance on fast fashion retailers when buying new clothes
  • Having milk delivered in glass bottles
  • Stopped using cotton wool pads and changed to washable cotton pads
  • Stopped using tissues and swapped to hankies
  • Stopped using coffee shop takeaway mugs and now using a bamboo one
  • Using bars of soap rather than liquid soap
  • Stopped using face wipes and changed to flannel and soap
  • Making the switch from using plastic straws to metal straws

There are many, many more ways of cutting down on the use of single use plastic.  

Just remember the 4 Rs!